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Welcome to your Inventure!

At InventureWorks, we believe anyone has the ability to come up with the next big thing and applaud everyone that dares to dream big. Whether you’re a youth or retiree with a really cool idea, a student or business person with a new revolution, a stay home mom that figured out a way to make life easier or a serial inventor with notebooks of ideas, we are here to help.

Of course, not every idea can make it in this crazy marketplace with ever changing trends, fads and infomercials clamoring for your attention and pocketbook. Breakthroughs are always just around the corner though and we are excited to think about discoveries from people just like you who will continue to innovate our future.

So how do you know if your idea has potential? That answer has many factors and depends on the plan for market penetration. Manufacturing and selling it yourself is certainly an option. So is licensing it to a company already selling similar products or to an investment team that aligns with your goals.Good choices exist for great ideas, especially those that have existing market awareness, profitable sales history and a clear path for continued growth. Getting capital for early stage ideas is much harder however, unless you have something really innovative. Even then, the idea will still need to be proven through milestone achievements.

What about your idea?

The timeline below depicts a common progression of an idea becoming a profitable business. These steps can take months or years depending on the scope of your innovation and each major milestone can cost a small fortune. Ultimately, the quicker an idea can go from napkin sketch to profitable sales, the faster it can get the attention of investment partners willing to share equity or royalties and grow the business.

Where are you on the timeline? Want to explore ways to press forward? Every project that comes to us is treated individually and confidentially knowing that your needs are as unique as the ideas themselves. We provide free consultations, professional services and partnership opportunities to move your ideas toward marketplace profitability.


Click the circles below to learn more about our steps to success. Browse our site, and let’s see if we are a good fit for you. The potential is infinite when the right teams come together.

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