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Why InventureWorks?


We’ve been on the other side of the table and know what it’s like to share proprietary ideas with other people. As a Platinum Sponsor of the United Inventors Association (UIA), our idea submission and follow-up process was scrutinized by the folks that influence US legislation and scrutinize ethical practices across our industry. Our teams’ core values dictate how we work with one another and steward ideas entrusted to us beginning with a legal Mutual NDA that protects all of us moving forward.


Few things are more gratifying than doing what you love and sharing the accomplishments with a team. As business professionals with a diverse mix of skills, we delight in using our internal talents toward building success stories. Strategic partners with decades of experience compliment our own abilities by providing legal, accounting, manufacturing, finance and other skills as needed for all projects. In the end, we all work together toward a common goal – bringing your great ideas to market.


Yep, it usually takes a heap of treasure to bring an idea to market. The costs of milestone accomplishments including patent protection, shipping and storing inventory, manufacture tooling, business operations and other common requirements can add up very quickly. We understand the risks and so do our Angel teams. Let’s talk about the “big picture” and see where you are in the product success timeline, then work toward a plan that aligns your dreams with the right team of investors. If your project is market-ready, then let’s quickly bring it to the next level of growth.