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We’ve been on the other side of the table and know what it is like to share dreams and ideas with others. Trust is paramount.

At InventureWorks, we believe strongly that anyone willing to trust their ideas, innovations and plans with us should have a legal nondisclosure agreement in place to begin the dialog. That is why we offer our Mutual Non-Disclosure agreement (M-NDA) as a first Inventure step.

To begin, send us your basic contact information by filling out the four boxes below and we will immediately email you a link to our Inventure Kit which contains our M-NDA and an Inventure Application. Follow the easy steps to electronically approve and date the M-NDA. We’ll reciprocate and both parties will have copies for our records. Contact us if you have any issues.

You may also choose to print and sign the M-NDA then send it back to us via email or by standard mail. Once we have your signed copy, an InventureWorks officer will sign, scan and send it back to you via the email you provided or via the postal service if that is preferred by you. Let us know.

After the M-NDA is in place, you can then send us your Idea Application which allows us to get a great snapshot of your protected ideas and goals. When you send it back to us, you should also include any supporting documentation, links to web sites, research, business plans, videos etc. which clearly explains your thoughts and plans.

From there, our team will review your Application during scheduled team meetings and contact you if we have any questions. Ultimately, if we do not feel that InventureWorks can add value to your dreams, then we will let you know immediately. Likewise, if we think that your ideas are a great fit for us, we’ll talk about potential next steps. It’s that easy.

Feel free to contact us if you need help with the download files or have any questions about our process.

Thank you for considering us on your journey to success!

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