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Idea Evolution

As fellow entrepreneurs with our share of successes and decades of learning, we know firsthand that business growth is a journey that requires the right team. Our primary goal as a company is to bridge the gap between inventors or existing businesses and our strategic partnership teams. We work diligently at finding people with the right skills, motivations, personalities and experience that share the common vision of bringing innovations and businesses to the next level.

Our process starts with finding people and ideas that have great profit potential. If the innovation or business is ready to be pitched to investors, we bring the teams together who can help one another move forward. If services are needed to test market potential, we propose solutions tailored to meet budgets and quickly prove viability premises. Long-term, we can become part of the team or just connect parties and share in the success as goals are realized.

When product ideas come to us, we scrutinize the idea for it’s commercialization potential. When existing businesses come to us, we first assess the current state of the business and understand stakeholder’s goals. If the business plan shows healthy growth potential, we conduct further due diligence with all the information entrusted to us. Finding the right potential partners for all options will then depend on specific circumstances. When everything works, the right people, innovation and market collide to quickly form the perfect storm of opportunity.

Methods of Funding

Product inventors and business owners willing to share their dreams also realize that they will share ownership in their idea. In some cases, this means selling equity in businesses and in others it means sharing royalties from profits or a host of other choices. Each case is treated individually, and options vary as widely as the ideas themselves.

Some options for sharing ownership include:

Sharing equity in your existing business

Licensing your innovation

Probably the most common option for product designers is allowing someone else to bring your idea to market and sharing in the potential profits. Contracts typically include percentage amounts, minimum guarantees, payout frequencies and default consequences.

Selling your innovation

Just as this implies, owners of intellectual property or businesses can simply sell their IP or shares to a buyer.

Whatever option makes sense, InventureWorks is here to come alongside your dreams and do our best to find the right people that match your goals. Thanks for considering our company and services. Give us a call if you have any questions, or start the process of submitting your idea.

Let’s begin.