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Mission Memorability Market-ability    It’s been said “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.”  At InventureWorks, we prefer to say “Invent It!”   So when our three-month-old idea launching company was asked to be a part of INNOV8 Lafayette – an eight-day festival of ideas, innovation and creativity and new ideas --  by hosting an event, everyone in the firm went to work on it.  That would be all three of us (hey, we’re a start up) Continue reading “THE 3 Ms OF INVENTING A GREAT EVENT” »

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Great ideas often come from a need, or an attempt to solve a problem. We cam across these two guys who did just that with the development of a very unique car jack device.

Inventors of the Traction Jack are hoping their versatile car jack will be made available to more people.   The jack consists of two steel plates with a removable center mechanism that lifts the car. The jack is designed to get vehicles out of sand or mud, but can also be used at home.The idea for the jack came as a result of two friends continually getting stuck in sand while off-roading. Continue reading “Inventors Develop Unique Car Jack” »

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"An entrepreneur project has local third-graders dreaming of turning their inventions into the next great Michigan-made product.

The Foster Elementary School third graders in Betsy Dodson’s social studies class were given an assignment to come up with an idea for a Michigan-made product, create the product and then market it via newspaper ads, television commercials, flyers or even billboards.   The assignment is part of the third-grade curriculum, which includes information about Michigan’s history, economy and geography.   Students began working on the assignment in early December. This week they have been presenting their products in class in front of their peers. Continue reading “Third-graders turn entrepreneurs” »

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