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Growing your business

At InventureWorks, we understand the sweat equity, resources and fortitude it takes to get a business off the ground – especially in the early stages. For businesses that are able to press through and realize the fruit of their labor, the excitement and possibilities are endless.

Perhaps on-going sales and profits can indeed keep your business afloat, but your vision is much greater. That is where we can potentially help. One of the best scenarios for InventureWorks to find partnership opportunities is with businesses that have existing sales, traction in the market and a clear plan for growth.

If your business is earlier in the process and has great potential, we want to hear from you too. The possibilities from that point vary widely and depend on your specific needs and goals. And when the opportunity is ripe, securing funds and a smart business partner is usually the easiest part.

If you have a small or large company already formed and need help getting to the next level, then consider what we offer.

Services to grow your business

We provide professional consulting, business planning, branding, engineering, industrial design and more.

Pitch events to find partners

Once goals are understood, we hand-select partners that are looking for opportunities that align with your business model and pitch the plan with you.

Contractual partnerships

We create intent documents, keep the dialog going through negotiations and ultimately share in the offering for bridging the gap.

Let’s Understand Your Goals.

Every innovation that comes to us is treated individually and confidentially knowing that your needs are as unique as the ideas themselves. Whether your idea, invention or business is in the form of a napkin sketch, strategic business plan or profitable corporation we’ll learn what you are trying to achieve and offer advice and/or services to take the next steps.

Of course, not everyone has the resources needed to commercialize a product or take a business to the next level. We understand that. If the innovation is indeed meaningfully unique and has the X-Factor, we can seek financial partners willing to take the risks needed to make your idea a revenue generating reality.

Let’s begin.