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InventureWorks FAQ’s

Many companies require money up-front just to hear your idea. Most will provide services for ideas that have very little chance of market success. Some companies will not protect your idea at all and go as far as allowing anyone in the world to see everything you submit to them.

Our goal is aligned more with partnerships and reasonably priced services that move a product or business closer to potential partnerships. If we don’t think your idea will make it commercially, then we would rather not waste your money or our time developing it.

What is InventureWorks?

InventureWorks is a progressive company that provides resources, consultation, and partnership opportunities for entrepreneurs, inventors and anyone who dares to dream big. We help businesses and individuals develop products and bring them to market. Whether your ideas are at the beginning, middle or final stages of development, we can help take them to the next level.

How can InventureWorks help you?

If you are an innovator, our goal is to get your idea or business to a place where it can be developed into a commercially viable product. To do so, we provide services such as research, product development, marketing, product pitches to investors and business launches. See our services page to learn more.

If you are an investor looking for new investment opportunities, we pitch our top products to you at various times in the year. Once we get to know you and your investment goals, we start looking for great opportunities to fit your investment portfolio. See our investor page to learn more.

How do I contact InventureWorks?

Our general email is begin@InventureWorks.com. Main office phone number is (337) 205.8788. Our offices are located in beautiful Downtown Lafayette at 100 E Vermilion St. Suite 410, Lafayette LA 50501 in the historic Gordon Square building. See our contact us page to learn more.

Do I need a patent to talk with InventureWorks?

No. However, your idea should be researched thoroughly before contacting us. Check out our X-Factor page to learn more about that makes a product meaningfully unique to the market.

Will InventureWorks share my idea with anyone?

Per terms clearly spelled out in our NDA, only our trusted advisers such as our CPA, Attorney, Business Consultants and others that have signed the same M-NDA as you will sometimes be shown your idea. They are the key to everyone’s success and share our vision and business ethics.

How much does it cost to visit InventureWorks?

Initial consultations are free. Once we hear you idea, the next steps will be clearly spelled out and probably entail other free consultations to move the project forward.

How much do your services cost?

Each service is treated as a unique project and custom quotes are given based on your specific needs. Once we understand what you are trying to achieve, we can turn around a quote pretty quickly so you can decide how to proceed.

As a potential investor, how do I get started hearing idea pitches?

We suggest that you read our M-NDA, give us a call and see if we are a good fit for your investment goals. We work with a great team of qualified investors and would love to meet you and share our vision. See JOBS Act information for definitions of a qualified investor

What is The Vault?

The Vault is InventureWork’s unique rapid-fire pitch event where innovations are pitched to a team of investors motivated to bring new products to market and help existing businesses grow.

How do I qualify to be in The Vault?

Ideas and innovations are scrutinized by our team for the X-Factor. Those that make it through our screening process are prepared and presented to investors.

What are InventureWorks hours of operations?

Our typical office hours are from 8am to 6pm m-f, central time. However, we realize that many people cannot meet during these hours and we will make appointments at other times.

Can InventureWorks help me sell shares in my company?

We have several options for helping you achieve your goals whether it is selling your company directly or finding partners to help move the company forward.

Check out our Bridge page to learn more or contact us if you have specific questions not answered through our web site.

What recent successes has InventureWorks realized?

In 2012, we heard over 200 innovation and business ideas. Of those, we pitched 27 to teams of investors during two private pitch events. Two of the 27 ideas received initial funding toward commercialization and several others are in various stages of due diligence.