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Finding good ideas is easy. Finding great ideas that can be profitable is more challenging. But that’s what we do best.

Our team has the daily privilege of hearing ideas from innovators across the country and sometimes across the globe. Most are eliminated or in various stages of development. The small percentage pitched to our investment team have been researched thoroughly, looked at by various strategists and deemed to have the potential for commercialization.

As a qualified* investor, you will have the opportunity to view ideas, innovations and business plans that fit your investment goals and then decide if you would like to proceed individually with a team of other investors or not at all.

Flexible steps to get started.

Risk is at the heart of every investment. At InventureWorks, we think strategically when it comes to mitigating risks, and our conservative approach to milestone investment steps is at the heart of our offering. Each achievement plateau yields decisions to continue the course, change directions or quit the process. We believe that it is much better to fail quickly than it is to prolong something that may never produce profitable results. Our long-term success as a company depends on it.

The main vehicle to share investment opportunities is through public or private pitch events. These can simply be a one-on-one meeting with a partner uniquely positioned to help an innovation succeed or through a pitch event where several ideas are presented to a team of like-minded investors and consultants.

Click the circles below to learn more about our steps to success. Browse our site, and let’s see if we are a good fit for you. The potential is infinite when the right teams come together.

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