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Mar 26, 2012 InventureWorks (3)





 It’s been said “The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create It.”  At InventureWorks, we prefer to say “Invent It!”


So when our three-month-old idea launching company was asked to be a part of INNOV8 Lafayette – an eight-day festival of ideas, innovation and creativity and new ideas —  by hosting an event, everyone in the firm went to work on it.  That would be all three of us (hey, we’re a start up)


Instead of running away from the biggest stage for new ideas in Lafayette ever, we ran straight to it with our battle cry “Invent It.”  And we ran head- long into The Vault…Get In. Get Rich!


We already had a great concept for the event. The “Gator Tank” would be a south Louisiana play off  “Shark Tank,” ABC’s popular Friday night reality TV series.


But our event was only sort of like the “Shark Tank” where small business owners with unique ideas have only a few minutes to convince a panel of bizillionaire ‘investment sharks’ to buy into their businesses so they can move onto national acclaim.


  1. 1. Whenever you are trying to ‘invent an event,’ stay true to your Mission.

    At InventureWorks, our mission is making your great ideas a reality.  We bring new products to market.  We bring big ideas to life.  We are partners with our clients and partners in success.

    We are in the idea-launchingbusiness – those ideas range from paper napkin sketches to patented inventions to projects.

    And we didn’t want to throw clients to the “sharks” or the “gators.”

  2. 2. Whenever you are trying to “invent an event,” make it Memorable.

    And be open to the expertise around you.  “Don’t be so regional,” some of our influencers said.  “Make it your own,” they said.

    When we toured the Acadiana Center for The Arts, we were trapped by one throwback piece of architecture.  The entire magnificent structure is open, airy, contemporary…simply grand.

    It’s hard to believe ACA was once home to a financial institution. Except for the old bunker-esque room with three-foot granite walls.  It’s the actual old LBA vault, with the same mammoth steel lock wheel door still in place.

    “This is great!” we all thought.

    It would become the inspiration and representation of our event.

  3. 3. Whenever you are trying to invent an event, remember the Market-ability of the core concept.

    We found a memorable stage for sure.  And the core concept fits like a million bucks.  Forty people.  One Day.  Unlimited Possibilities.


The Vault is a rapid-fire pitch event, designed to give the best ideas a shot at the big time….and change the life of someone brave enough to venture into the belly of an old bank vault and spend 10 minutes pitching their dream to a local panel of investors who are ready and willing to help make it a reality.


It’s got Mission, Memorability and Market-Ability.  It’s MMM Good.


  1. kwh

    My first Q. was and is : How are those presenters going to protect their “ideas/events” ?

    I see You have a “Starter Kit” ; email one : Please .

    This email is a One time request for Info ; not a request to be placed on Your email List , Nor does it imply any obligation or contract with “InventureWork” now or future.

    Thanks, See Yawl around the idea festival; kwh

    • Protection can come in many forms, and in some cases it’s not even needed. If you truly want to protect an idea you need to have the financial backing to stop someone from producing your product… this can be very expensive.

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