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Without money, innovations perish. InventureWorks seeks funding from traditional and non-traditional means. Our conservative approach to stage funding is attractive to our investment team. This is especially true when early-stage innovations are being brought to market. Seed and start-up stage funding usually confirms product direction while second and third stage funding allows for more expensive campaigns that work toward greater profitability and returns.


Public and private pitch events are a few popular ways used by our team to get the attention of investors. The first products we launched found funding this way. As more mature businesses and innovations come through our doors, investors strategically poised for growth are sought.


Since the likelihood of financial success is statistically very low for start-ups, the more sales and market penetration an innovation has, the better chances there are of gaining investment partners. Investors that understand risk are willing to invest wisely however when the innovation and market conditions look very positive. Having a business plan for profitability with great market research is always a plus though when sales are not possible.


Innovators that seek financial partners should clearly understand that whoever takes the greater financial risks usually realizes the greater financial rewards. Depending on the innovation, inventors with no money or sales should reasonably and conservatively align their expectations for financial gain understanding that a small percent of something is much better than a large percent of nothing. Industry standards can be researched though actual contracts vary widely. We urge innovators to do their homework and find examples of others that have found funding for early or later stage innovations.


Since InventureWorks shares in the royalties offered by an investor to an innovator, we always seek maximum shared opportunities while also making sure investors continuously come back to fund more projects. When done right, everyone benefits short and long-term.