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Jan 31, 2013 InventureWorks (0)


From personal robbery to product realization.


When the guys at Yellow Jacket called InventureWorks to help them with our Industrial Design services we were excited. When they told us their story we were captivated.


Inventor Seth Froom was robbed at gunpoint. As a veteran and a hunter, he knew how to defend himself and had the weapons in his apartment to back him up. Unfortunately, the weapons were not in his hands when he opened the door to the assailant whose gun was loaded. And so was he.


In shock, Seth watched as the wild eyed man took his iPhone, electronics, and other quick-sell items from the apartment and walk out the door.


Fortunately Seth lived to contemplate this life changing event and reflect on what he could have done differently. That’s when it happened. He accidentally put a newly purchased stun gun in his now empty iPhone case on the kitchen table. Staring at this oddity, Seth realized that the two should go together. Indeed, if he had an “iPhone Stun gun” when the door was answered that fateful night, he might have been able to scare the robber away.


spotlight_YJ_ServicesThe happy beginning


Seth and his friend/partner Sean Simone, both young entrepreneurs from Baton Rouge, LA spent over two years developing the idea, bootstrapping its development and gaining new perspectives from trusted advisers. They created a few designs, made some great videos on their patent pending invention and tested the market by putting the idea on the crowd-sourcing web site Indegogo. In less than 40 days, over $100,000 in pre-purchases Yellow Jackets were sold! It became one of the top 12 product campaigns for Indegogo.


Soon after, InventureWorks invited the Yellow Jacket team to pitch their innovation to our group of Angel investors at our Nov. 2012 Vault Event. Everyone loved the product, the team, and the potential. Within 2 months of the pitch, an agreement was made and Yellow Jacket had a new partner plus $250,000 to continue the campaign of commercialization.


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