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THE VAULT – INNOV8Lafayette Pitch Event!


Venue: AcA - Downtown Lafayette
Date: April 29, 2014
Time: 6 -8 PM
Admission: $10 for a “Voting Chip” – all proceeds go to pitch contestants



One of the premier innovation Pitch events of the South, InventureWorks will again host THE VAULT during INNOV8Lafayette!



Three types of pitches will happen this year:


1. Quick pitches: for students and start-ups – chips go to the winners!

2. Non-profit pitches: vying for $50K funding from the Lafayette Public Trust

3. For-profit pitches: no deal too large!


Who can participate?

Any individual or company with a viable business plan and a good team in place to drive the company/innovation forward.


How do I submit my idea?

Click on SUBMIT and go through the process beginning with our Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement which protects your idea. Then fill out the idea application and send it back. A team will choose up to 10 candidates to pitch. Finalists will be notified about the next steps.


What is the deadline for idea submissions?

The final date for business plans/innovation submissions is midnight on Sunday April 20!


What else do I need to know?

Research your idea to make sure it is indeed “meaningfully unique”. Practice your pitch. Get excited… YOU may be the NEXT BIG THING!




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